Monday, April 27, 2015

25 Dinner Rotation Planner - Toddler Friendly!

In an effort to become more organized and because baby number two is just days away (eeeeek!), I have decided to put together a 25 dinner rotation plan. As much as I love Pinterest and searching for new recipes, I find myself myself stuck in a rut as far as dinner goes and often cook the same meals, not to mention scrambling last minute to try to put together a suitable meal for my family. I am going to print out these recipes and just keep them in a binder to have them easily accessible
Lasagna Soup
I went with 25 because my husband works overnight at least one evening a week and I just make something simple for my daughter and I. This also takes into account having leftovers since some of these recipes make large portions. I figure that if I plan to prepare 5 home cooked dinners a week with 25 different choices we won't repeat the same meals for five weeks! 
Chicken Enchiladas Verdes
I chose meals that I know my toddler daughter will eat and are fairly quick and easy to prepare. I am hoping that this post will help other busy families out there and will give you some new dinner time inspiration! You'll notice we don't eat a ton of red meat. We mostly go with chicken, turkey or meatless meals. I threw in a couple beef and pork meals for my husband! Also when the meals are more "light" like soup or meatless meals, I will also add in freshly baked bread or warmed up pita.

I would love to hear what your   favorite "go to" kid friendly dinners are too!
Thanks for stopping by!

25 Toddler Friendly Dinners 
1. Mediterranean Pumpkin Soup 
2. Kickin' Black Bean Soup
3. Lasagna Soup
4. My Mom's Turkey Chili (serve with baked potatoes!)
5. Chicken Enchiladas Verdes
6. Mozzarella, Tomato and Avocado Salad (serve with crusty bread)

7.  BBQ Turkey Meatballs with brown rice
8. BLT Pizza
9. Chicken Pot Pie
10. Turkey or Beef Burgers on the grill similar to this recipe
11. Cornbread Taco Bake
12. Creamy, Cheesy Tuna Pasta
13. Chicken or shrimp shish kebobs on the grill with grilled veggies with cous cous
14. Skinny Baked Mac n Cheese - there is spinach in here and the kids won't even notice!
15. Sesame Noodles - add in chicken or shrimp if desired

16. Turkey Meatloaf
17. Beef Pot Roast
18. Breakfast for dinner - pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon
19. Peanut Crusted Pork Satay
20. Crockpot Pulled Pork - this recipe takes all day in the crock pot so start early!
21. Orzo Alfredo with Bacon and Peas
22. 15 Minute Avocado Pasta
23. Yakisoba
24. Pumpkin Cashew Chicken Curry
25. Creamed Green Beans. Red Potatoes and Sausage 


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